Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spann Family Christmas

Almost all of the Spanns (Will's mom's siblings) got together last Sunday night for a delicious Christmas dinner and white elephant gift exchange. This was the first time we had been able to be there for this gathering since 2002 so we were glad to take part.

GranDaddy & JuliAnna enjoyed some time together while the rest of us fought over gifts that make noise.

Uncle Robert opened the welding set from Home Depot. McIver was only a little bit interested b/c he thought there was a gift with his name on it. That present turned out to be a snowglobe so Mac immediately stole the welding kit from Uncle Robert! And, I thought he would have a hard time 'getting' the whole 'stealing' part of the gift exchange. The whole rest of our time in MB, he kept saying how much fun that was "when we got to steal presents."

Jimbo got a Foghorn - did I mention that a prerequisite was that all gifts make noise!?

McIver - in the Captain Jack Sparrow costume (again) showing off the welding torch.

Amelia has garnet & black in her blood. I can't wait for Mamoo to see this picture!

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