Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Evening with Amelia

Olivia and McIver were so excited to see their cousin, Amelia, last night.  McIver ran around showing off for Aunt Kelli and then settled down enough to entertain Amelia.  We enjoyed all of Amelia's 'tricks,' including, clapping and waving, saying Ho, Ho, Ho, crawling all around, trying to pull up and just being sweet and charming.  When the grown-ups ate dinner, we turned on a Baby Einstein movie for the kids keeping our fingers crossed that Mac would be at least a little bit interested.  Turns out he was a lot interested.  Olivia and Amelia played and O was lucky enough to be able to give Amelia her bottle.  When the movie was over, though, McIver came a-runnin':

McIver:  Hey, hey.  She (Amelia) said her first word!
Aunt Kelli:  Really?  What did she say?!
McIver:  She's said, "Over."  The movie's over.

Much to his delight, Will was able to hit the links with Jay for a little while this afternoon.  Even though he didn't have his own clubs (many folks were encouraging him to leave them at home in Houston even though he feels perfectly able to play golf!), he played well and enjoyed himself.  When GranDaddy got home, he took O & Mac to the golf course to meet up with Will & Jay.  Will was able to find room in our bags, though, for O & Mac's clubs.  They had a great time, even though we neglected to pack suitable shoes for Olivia.  

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