Friday, December 7, 2007

Photos of visit with Dad

As promised, here are pictures from our visit yesterday...

Here they are opening the Christmas presents ... a Vince Flynn book from Nanoo and a picture of O & Mac to keep in the hospital room. If you look closely, you can see the hose that Will had to wear to prevent blood clots when he was immobile. He took the liberty of taking them off today, but admitted that they were pretty comfortable and kept him warm in the cold hospital room.
Like I said, the kids loved the bed. At one point it looked like it was pretty much folded in half from all the button-pushing.

After taking children to school, I went back to the hospital. Will didn't sleep well again last night, but he's blaming the morphine and the in-and-out of the nurses, etc. He watched an entire movie starting at 2am. But, they're switching him to Toradol for the pain today so that ought to help. He took himself for a walk around the floor this morning and I went with him twice while I was there. He really is being a good patient.

The surgeon visited this AM (well before I got there), but he did not mention anything about an estimated discharge day. He has not even looked at the incision yet. He did give Will the go-ahead to start drinking clear fluids. He asked for a popsicle just before I left, but still doesn't really have an appetite yet. For those of you who know Will, we'll know he's better when he says he's hungry!

Sweet Olivia is having a harder time with all of this than McIver. She ended up sleeping with me last night and was hesitant for me to leave her at school this morning. I think she's just old enough to have worries about all of this. But, she is looking forward to another visit this afternoon.

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