Thursday, December 6, 2007

Olivia & McIver visit Dad in the hospital

Olivia and McIver had a great visit with Will this afternoon. We headed straight to the hospital after picking Olivia up from school. Olivia was excited to take Will two Christmas presents for him to open early - a book from Nanoo and a picture of O & Mac that we were giving him for his office. (I'm hoping that she can live vicariously thru his early opening of the presents and not ask me for the 1,537,895th time if she can open one of her presents!)

Anyway, they were a little reticent at first, but then warmed right up. Olivia thought the open hospital gown was hilarious (don't worry, he had boxers on, but she got that if he didn't, his fanny would be right there for all the world to see!). They were very interested in all the tubes and machines, the IV pole, the buttons to raise/lower the bed and the channel changer. They are looking forward to another visit tomorrow!

I did take a few pictures but will have to post them tomorrow b/c I didn't bring the camera home (duh!). Thought it might be nice for you to see that he's doing well.

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Kelli said...

Get well soon Will! We are glad he's recovering nicely. We love you.

Robert, Kelli and Amelia