Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Making and decorating Christmas cookies has become quite the tradition for this branch of the Merritt Family. We had so much fun the last few years that we decided to host a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. We had invited friends from church, Olivia's kindergarten class & McIver's school and were supposed to have the party last Sunday. Alas, we were otherwise engaged and had to cancel. So, this afternoon, Will and McIver got busy rolling out cookie dough and cutting out Christmas cookies while I picked Olivia up from school today.

After all the cookies were baked, we got down to business - decorating!

Olivia was super-proud of her 1st Christmas tree this year!

McIver - I mean, Superman! - finally realized that the cookies didn't have to be perfect, or look like Olivia's. He spent a lot of time putting the red hots on the gingerbread man's face "to make him smile."

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