Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ballet Dress Rehearsal & 1st Sleep-over

Yesterday was a big day: Olivia's dress rehearsal for the ballet recital was last night. She was super-excited to have me gel her hair and get it all slicked back in a bun . . . and, of course, the make-up was a special treat.

She rode with Mae, her friend from preschool, who has been taking ballet classes with her all year. Lana, Mae's mom, and I wanted the girls to have an activity together so we'd be sure to keep in touch now that the girls go to different schools. Here they are in their costumes...

When Lana and Mae dropped Olivia off at home, the girls ran off to play. We ended up ordering pizza, calling Mae's dad to join us and hanging out late into the night. And, Mae spent the night! It was our first sleep-over without the other kid's parents. (The Stricklins spent the night a few weeks ago, but since they were all here, it doesn't really count as the first sleep-over.) Anyway, the girls fell asleep in O's room while Lana was still here which made it easier on Mae, I think. They've been up and playing quietly for a little while and now Will is in the kitchen with them making pancakes. So fun!
This is Olivia's breakfast menu. Translation: poptart, biscuit, chocolate milk, orange juice, eggs, pancakes, waffles, toast, regular milk and cereal. Gotta love the phonetic spelling!

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Kelli Merritt said...

I LOVE the menu! Olivia you are a beautiful ballerina.