Friday, May 16, 2008

Gymnastics Award Ceremony

McIver joined the Thursday afternoon gymnastics class with Coach Steve and his helpers Coach Mark and Coach Rachel. He LOVED it! Thursdays have always been the easiest days to wake him up this year b/c he looks forward to Pizza Day and Gymnastics. Coach Steve told them about the Awards Ceremony last week and McIver has been looking forward to it ever since.

I'm still not sure that every kid on every team should get a medal just for playing a sport so that their self-esteem isn't ruined. I played on the losing-est softball team in the history of Macon - seriously, we had to stop playing games on many occasions b/c the other team was beating us so badly. We didn't need a medal or trophy to make us feel better - we were just glad to be able to play and always, always had fun. However, I am justifying McIver's medal since he wasn't really on a team, and didn't really compete against anyone, and b/c he hasn't taken the medal off for the last 24 hours!

Here's McIver on the podium waiting for the gold medal.

Here he is with Coach Steve and Coach Rachel
(she's also a cheerleader for the Texans -
see how McIver is leaning in to her and grinning from ear to ear!?)

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