Saturday, May 17, 2008

Texas ABC Garden

Olivia's school has a Texas ABC Garden - there is a plant for each letter of the alphabet. Last fall, the children made letters out of sticks collected from around the school. Yesterday, we helped them make stepping stones using the stick letters to be placed by each plant whose name begins with that letter.
We brought the kids out a few at a time to put their letters in the stepping stone. They also included a leaf from the plant with the corresponding letter. I realize that a true mommy-blogger may have actually figured out which plant her child used, but this mom was busy mixing concrete and trying to keep track of all the kids. At least I got a few pictures!

Olivia was especially excited that she made the Letter M stone.

She also liked that she was able to do one of the extra letters.

McIver LOVES going to Mrs. Hoyos' class to play with her 'big kid' toys. He even gets a special visitor sticker and feels like a big boy when he's allowed go to the hall bathroom with a few boys from Olivia's class as his chaperones.

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