Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day with the Stricklins

We spent part of Memorial Day with the Stricklins. Of course, everyone had a ball. Gay and I took the kids to the side of the house, away from the dads, to help them make Fathers' Day gifts. Each child made a stepping stone and decorated it to his/her liking. Olivia and Abigail were very deliberate about their designs. McIver and Sam - not so much. Sam just put in as many stones/marbles as he could fit. McIver made a design that resembles the letter D, but I'm not sure that was intentional. Olivia says it was.

Olivia & Abby getting organized.
McIver spreading out the Quikrete in his pie plate.
Olivia loved riding Sam's BigWheel around the cul-de-sac. I remember coveting my friend's BigWheel when I was little. I had one at Grandma Myrtle's house, but I longed for one with a brake so I could screech down the driveway (it seemed so steep when I was 5!).
Is he a cutie or what!?
Check out these lookers! Don slaved over a hot grill to make the most delicious brisket. We enjoyed our picnic supper, and a nice breeze, outside.
Chalk it up for another fun time with the Stricklins!

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