Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kook Sul Won Martial Arts

McIver has been taking Jook Sul Won Martial Arts since the beginning of the school year. He goes once per week and loves it. Some days he's really focused and other days he needs a little bit more instruction from his leaders (don't we all!?). At the end of each class, he has received a 'stripe' around the edges of his plain, white belt. Today was the big testing day and he was so excited to go and test for his white belt with a yellow stripe.

Here he is stretching before class. The instructors let them "yaaa" during some of the moves. These, of course, are McIver's favorites.

Showing off his new belt!


Kelli Merritt said...

Way to go Mac. We can't wait to see your moves.

Lynne Campbell said...

What a handsome fella....Great pics.

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Debbie said...

What a cutie - and dangerous I am sure. Great blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.