Saturday, November 8, 2008


Olivia's friend came over to spend the night last night. This was our first official sleep-over where the other child did not have a parent here when it was time for bed. Mae spent the night last spring, but her mom and I were hanging out long after the girls went to sleep. And, of course, we love our family sleep-overs with the Stricklins.

Anyway, we picked Lydia up about 4:30 and came home to play. Everyone enjoyed pizza for dinner and then we surprised the kids with the suggestion to go to the Marble Slab for ice cream - in their pajamas!

McIver thought it was just hilarious to be out and about in his PJs. Here he is showing off some of his moves from the Sock Hop he had at school earlier this week.
Will enjoying his ice cream with the girls.

McIver ended up being so cold he couldn't even finish his icecream. He put his jacket back on and curled up until everyone else finished.

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