Friday, September 12, 2008


So we spent yesterday afternoon preparing for Ike's arrival and ended up going down to the Stricklins' house for a little Hurri-cation (as opposed to vacation or stay-cation). We had a great time just hanging out and not fretting a whole lot about the storm (well, we did fret about the fact that next week's trip to Galveston is probably going to be adversely affected - those thoughts were confirmed when we woke up this morning and started watching The Weather Channel).

Don & Will enjoying the cooler weather and oh-so-slight breeze.
Sam & me just hanging out - LOVE him!
Abby & Olivia saying their good-byes this morning.
Now we're home. Olivia is at a friend's house playing. The wind is definitely picking up and the weather forecasters' voices are getting more high-pitched and anxious. Despite what the news folks are saying, we are not 'facing certain death' on our street. We'll keep you posted.

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