Saturday, September 27, 2008

Columbia Hurrication

After a few days in Macon, we went to Columbia to get some 'work' done in anticipation of our move.
The kids spent the day on Thursday at Heathwood Hall. When we dropped McIver off with his teacher, he pretty much jumped right in and helped himself to the toys, especially the kid-sized broom and dust pan (note to self: let McIver use the dust broom and pan at home more often!). As we left McIver with his teacher, Olivia turned to me and gritted her teeth telling me: I'm NOT doing this. I assured her that she'd be fine and have fun as we walked to one of the 1st grade classrooms. And, as predicted, she did fine and had fun.
Will and Tupp spent Thursday afternoon playing golf and then we all had dinner at the Isemans' house. Morgan had soccer practice so I played with the kids at their house for a little while. I loved hanging out with Mary Frances - she is adorable! Sadly, I never did get a picture of her. But, here are the big kids on their scooters.
Will met with the folks at SCOA on Friday morning. No new news there, just talked about his need to get his SC license, that they'll get our internet hooked up when we move, etc. We also had a tour of Hammond while we were there. We were impressed with the school, considering that we had never even stepped foot on the campus before. It's really pretty and has a lot of space for being right in the middle of town. The kids loved the reading tree houses in the kindergarten classrooms.
GranGran took time to drive up to Columbia for a quick visit on Friday. We had lunch together at McAlisters, Olivia's favorite place to go in Columbia. I'm also sad to say that this is the only picture I have of Mamoo from our trip. She was in good spirits while we were there and we loved having the chance to spend some time with her.
We met the McKains at the Greek Festival in downtown Columbia on Friday night. The kids enjoyed a few rides and bounce houses before we decided to find some dinner. The lines were long (and that is a complete understatement!) so we piled in the McKains car and went to Villa Tronco for a pizza dinner. The kids had a great time, to the great displeasure of the other diners.

Chase, Maggie & Olivia had a fun time hanging out.

Goofing off in the front waiting area.

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