Thursday, September 11, 2008

Olivia's Birthday Party - POSTPONED

Bummer! I just sent an email to Olivia's friends letting them know that we have decided to cancel her birthday party tomorrow night. She's supposed to be having a Hannah Montana PopStar party - a pretend sleep-over. Kids were going to come have dinner, cake & ice cream, play games, give each other manicures and watch a movie in their PJs. But, it looks like Hurricane Ike is headed our way.

Some places south of here are under mandatory evacuation, but we're okay for now. Will told me to ice down beer and water today - so he's taking this very seriously! I also have a few other assignments to take care of while the kids are in school ... Bible Study, check on our neighbor Mrs. Martin, get dougnuts for the kids b/c we promised them that we would go to the doughnut shop on Saturday morning, and start moving lawn furniture into the garage.

We'll reschedule the party for a later date...

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