Saturday, September 27, 2008

School Update

We got a message last night from Olivia's school that children will be returning to school on Monday. The school still does not have power, but they will use a generator if the power is not restored by then. Lots of kids were able to be there yesterday for the outside activities that were held. They played games and had a snack and the chance to tell their hurricane stories. From what I can tell, Olivia had fun being there and hanging out with her friends again.

She went to her friend Lydia's house last night and spent the night. This was her first sleep over with a friend here in Houston (not counting the many sleep-overs with the Stricklins and our house and theirs!). She got home about an hour ago and said it was great fun.

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Kville Hesters said...

Hey-What's the word on WMDS? We are returning tomorrow so if they're still out for a while, we can get the kids together. Glad you had a good trip.