Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toby Keith Concert @ The Woodlands

What a fun night!? We had tickets to the Toby Keith concert up in The Woodlands (about 30 minutes north of Houston) last night. We went with 2 other fellows and their wives and 2 attendings in Will's department. They were nice enough to rent a limousine for the night so we didn't have to worry about driving all the way up there and parking. We stopped for dinner at Papasito's on the way. Yum!

Here we are loading up in the limo before heading out.
We got camera-happy on the ride up.
It's hard to see, but that's Toby's trailer in the background. I insisted that we get a picture before heading into the concert.
Byron the limo driver dropped us off right at the front gate. We could hear Montgomery-Gentry playing as the opener. I couldn't think of any of their songs off the top of my head so I wasn't too concerned about getting there early. But, as soon as I heard them singing, I recognized them. We only heard 2 of their songs before it was time for Toby to come out.
Even though we arrived late, we were still able to get great seats on the lawn. The weather could not have been better - especially considering it felt like 100 earlier in the day. There was a cool-ish breeze, no bugs and plenty of big-screens so we could see what was going on up close. It was a great night!

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Mrs. Phillips said...

Sounds like GREAT fun!

The same thing has happened to us! We've been to several concerts at the CWMP in the middle of the summer and stressed out about the heat...then ended up having a wonderfully pleasant time with a bug-free cool breeze! I guess being a LITTLE bit further north makes a big difference!