Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing to Like About Hurricane Ike*

Well, there's nothing to like about the possible loss of power or the thought of trees being plucked out of the ground or that our beach vacation next week might be ruined. However, the kids are thrilled that both of their schools are closed for tomorrow and Will does not even have to go in to work tomorrow. Apparently, the 'ride-out team has been 'activated' and Will is not on the ride-out team (yippee!).

Will is already on his way home from the hospital. He called to let me know he'll be stopping by Home Depot on his way. Him and about 5000 neighbors, I'm sure. Not sure if he really thinks they'll have a generator left to buy or if he's hunting down a lantern. But, I'm sure he'll come home with the very latest news on the hurricane's final approach.

As of now, the skies are still really blue with big white fluffy clouds. There's a bit of a breeze, but it's only enough to move around really hot air to remind you that it's still 98 degrees today. Roads are starting to get clogged with people and there's not a parking spot to be found in any of the grocery stores I passed on the way to pick up McIver. But, I was the only person in the doughnut shop and one of only 2 people in Blockbuster. So, as long as we don't lose power (or at least don't lose it for long), we'll be well-entertained and well-fed (our bellies will be full, I didn't say anything about what kind of food we'll be filling them with!).

Please keep us in your prayers. I'll update as I can...

(*I stole this title from Brian Williams on the NBC Evening News on September 8.)

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