Monday, September 1, 2008

Golfing with Daddy

When I got home from a quick return to Gymboree (I bought Olivia the cutest dress which she said she 'likes, but I just won't wear it.'), McIver was walking around the garage, backpack on his back, sunglasses on with a very serious expression. I asked Will if everything was OK and he said they were loading up the car to go to the golf course. McIver has been so excited about just the thought of going golfing with Will that he has been packing and unpacking his backpack all week. (And, no, I don't know what all is in there, except maybe his wallet that he inherited (or stole) from Cacoo.) Anyway, he was taking this 'date with Daddy' very seriously.

I snapped one quick picture before they loaded up (and left me in an empty house - all alone!!).

I insisted that Will take the camera - and he did me proud. Here are a few shots of McIver on the course.

I enjoyed a few hours of quiet time at home (did I mention that I was by myself!?) before Olivia came home from her friend's house. The boys didn't get home until after dark (which is getting earlier these days, but still, it was after 8 when they got home). McIver called on the way and said: We had so much fun and we played 16 holes of golf, and I fell in a sandtrap and got all wet, and we had to wait for SO MUCH rain and it was SO fun. And, I'm so glad - they both deserved a good time.

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