Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let the Hurrication Begin

Just a few pictures from our 'evacuation-vacation' in Macon so far this week.

Sunday morning, as soon as we woke up and were somewhat coherent, the kids headed to the pool! The big waterfall is very cool, and apparently feels very good when you let it fall right on top of your head. I wouldn't know - the water was too darn cold for me to get in past my knees.

Nothing like a water gun...
Will was at his happiest when he returned from the golf course and helped Pop with grilling the steaks. We ate by the pool and were totally relaxed.The kids got a little Hurricane Present - a new scooter! Who knew there was such a thing!? Now they can't wait for the next hurricane.
It took Mac just a little while to get the hang of it. He was just so amazed:
"I wanted a scooter for my birthdday, but I got it for a Hurricane Present so that is SO cool!"
Olivia's buddies have scooters so she took off! (And, was a little brave going down Nanoo's hill. She TOTALLY wiped out and has quite the banged up knee, palms and even a scratch on her face to prove it.)
Mac loves the bell on the tricycle because it's loud. I love it because it lets me know he's still in the vicinity.

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