Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Olivia's 7th Birthday

Olivia was such a trooper about having to cancel her birthday, but we still were able to celebrate in Macon. Thanks in part to Nanoo and Pop, Olivia had a wonderful 7th birthday! This was the first time that she has celebrated with them since her 1st brithday in Greenville. Cacoo invited some friends over and Grandma Janet was there, too, so the house was full.

Quick picture with Mom before the party started. We started with opening presents and then had pizza for dinner.
So glad that Grandma Janet could join us.
Showing off her new sunglasses and pocketbook - Hannah Montana, of course.
Being silly with Dad.
For various reasons, Olivia was not able to open her 'big' gift for this year - a new iPod nano. We printed a picture of it and she opened that but here she is looking at the Apple website to see how cool her iPod will be when she finally gets it. We picked it up from the FedEx delivery center just last week and, after searching for a wireless internet connection to borrow, we were finally able to upload some songs and videos for her.
Grandma Myrtle was on her way to Olivia's party, but had not gotten our message that the time had changed. We were glad we caught her - we headed to meet Will at the golf course for a little play time. Anyway, both Olivia and McIver opened their birthday gifts from Grandma Myrtle right in the middle of the street. They loved it - and loved seeing Grandma Myrtle, even if only for a few minutes.
Will helping Olivia on the Par 3 course.
McIver taking a break to eat some ice.
Olivia took it very seriously for about a hole and a half.
He looks like he's taking it seriously.

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