Friday, November 14, 2008

A Few McIver Stories

Most nights that I tuck McIver into bed, I sing the Doxology for him - sometimes he joins in. The other night, just as I finished "... Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost," McIver shivered and said, in a quivery voice, "Oooh! The Holy Ghost SCARES me!" Of course, I didn't want him to be scared (by his own mother!) just before bed and I understand that the Trinity is complicated for grown-ups, much less 5 year olds with a limited attention span. So, I did my best, on the fly, to explain that God is the Father, Jesus is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the part of God and Jesus that lives in our hearts so that we always feel God's love. McIver seemed relieved and told me I could "leave my room now."


Tuesday after school, I took the kids to see about getting flu shots. Olivia's buddies had already gotten the flu mist so she had pretty much decided that, if given the option, that's what she would go for. All the way to the office, though, McIver kept saying he wanted to flu shot. Olivia and I were able to do the mist - it was quick, easy and totally painless! McIver, true to his word, still said he wanted the shot - even though ALL of the nurses just couldn't believe it and kept asking him if he was sure. I held him in my arms and panted like a puppy dog with him, and then it was over. He didn't flinch, not a tear was shed. Then, he proceeded to FILL UP a lunch sack with toys from the treasure box and bask in the accolades of all the nurses in the office. And, he's still milking it three days later.


For as long as I can remember, McIver has said that he wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. In the last few weeks, he has mentioned being a marine biologist and even a paleontologist (after our visit to the Leonardo exhibit). Out of the blue the other day, he told me he didn't want to be ANY of those things. He wants to be a spy. I told him that would be fine - he'll just have to study hard in school and probably learn a few languages because spies usually travel a lot. He said: That's fine, I already know Spanish and Koneechewa (which is really just japanese for hello, NOT an entire language).

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