Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Sunday of Advent

Even though we were up late last night with friends celebrating our Post Thanksgiving Fried Chicken Bash, the kids and I made it to church for them to sing with the choir. Except that McIver decided not to sing and we brought Shannon with us who did want to sing. So, I broke even in the number of singers today, even though they weren't both my children.

Anyway, they sang a beautiful song in St. Bede's Chapel to mark the first Sunday in Advent. I really hate that McIver decided not to sing because he has been singing the song for the last week and a half at home, in the car, at school, etc.

Here are Shannon and Olivia waiting to sing.
After church, we went upstairs for the annual Advent Wreath making session in fellowship hall. I don't think McIver remembered doing it last year - or he was in the nursery so he actually didn't participate. Either way, he had a ball picking out just the right greenery and using the clippers to get it just the right size.

Olivia loves when Shannon and Reagan come to church with us. She enjoyed showing them around and really had fun helping Shannon make an advent wreath for their family.

Olivia ended up staying to play with Shannon when we dropped her off, so McIver and I headed home. I got busy cleaning up the kitchen and noticed that McIver had gotten awfully quiet which is never a good thing. So I put down my rubber gloves and headed off to find him. This is what I found in Olivia's room (where she decided to let him sleep last night!). GranGran gave us that Santa a Christmas or two ago.

It turned out that he was playing possum this time. But, later this afternoon, I went to see Australia (SO GREAT!!), and Will was doing some work when McIver did actually go curl up and fall asleep for a little bit. An afternoon nap for this little boy is the kiss-of-death when bedtime comes. But, with all the excitement we've had over the last week or so, it sounds like the Sandman has hit in Olivia's room (she's allowing her guest to sleep in her room again tonight).

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