Friday, October 31, 2008

Houston Museum of Natural Science: Part 2

Our 2nd attempt to visit the Leonardo exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science was a success. This time, the big sisters were able to join us because they got out of school early on Friday. Olivia was not at all excited about our little field trip, and apparently, neither was Isabelle. But, Sue and I knew that once they got together they would have a great time. Isabelle is in 3rd grade at Olivia's school so they know each other but are on different halls so they don't see each other much anymore. The decibel level in my car on the way there proved Sue and me right!

The girls in front of the Senckenburg Mummy - one of the earliest dinosaurs, discovered in 1908.

Everyone loved digging in the pit. They very gently brushed sand off of the fossils under the sand. I'm still not sure they realized they weren't discovering a real dinosaur. When they were finished, they worked really hard to cover up their findings so the next kid could be surprised. Olivia hung around to see a little boy overjoyed at his discovery.

McIver was in paleontologist heaven!
This guy has special tools and a microscope to chisel away at some sort of jaw. McIver could not tear himself away and the man loved that Mac was so interested.

McIver convinced the other kids to come take a look.
Panning for 'special treasure.'
Olivia in front of a huge amethyst geode. It really was beautiful - for a rock.

Olivia lost ANOTHER tooth today!

In front of the water falls out front.

McIver ignored my warnings to stay off the far wall of the fountain. And, fell into a rose bush. It was quite dramatic and traumatic (I probably did not give him the love that he really needed - this picture really does not do the wound justice), but he recovered well and managed to do a little trick-or-treating before the night was over.

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