Friday, October 31, 2008

McIver's Halloween Parade at school

McIver had a hard time deciding which costume to wear to his Halloween Parade at school yesterday. He finally decided on his cowboy shirt, hat and boots. I thought he'd be lost in a sea of cowboys, but he was the only one - and he was glad that he had chosen not to wear his Prince Caspian costume because another boy in his class was wearing the exact same thing.
McIver did this and then told me to take a picture - it made me laugh because he thought he had put together a unique little picture. He did it again when he got to school to impress his teachers.
This is the best activity for the preschool set - they LOVE hammering golf tees into pumpkins!

McIver and his class, along with the rest of the school, sang a few Halloween songs for their audience after the parade. McIver is sitting with Prince Caspian, a Transformer, a dragon and a monkey.

The Monkey Class

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