Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Discovery Green pictures

Olivia in front of the Discovery Green sign with Minute Maid Park (home of the Astros) in the distance.
Kids LOVING the water and totally ignoring the volunteers blowing the whistle and yelling through a bullhorn that there's No Running!
The jets went from small (about 3 feet) to huge (about 40 feet) and it took a little while for the kids to figure out that it was somewhat predictable. They giggled tons while trying to figure out what was coming next.
A water sculpture - it blew the perfect amount of mist our way to cool us off while the kids ran around on the playground.

Olivia waiting for McIver to join her in the 'birds' nest' - a trampoline-like element in the playground area.
Murphy helped himself to one of the ponds. Will thought he was just going to take a few sips of the water, but he ended up heading right on in and lying down in the water. I'm sure he upset the balance of a very sensitive eco-system, but we didn't let him stay in there too long.
This picture just makes me laugh - who knew there was such a thing as a bad picture of a dog? Even dogs are guilty of not being able to keep their eyes open for a picture (he gets it honestly!).

Mr.-Never-Met-A-Stranger was cracking this family up showing them the goldfish and lily pads in the pond. He also assured them that there were no crocodiles in this pond, only alligators.

So, The Merritts give Discovery Green a huge thumbs-up!

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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

cute family. thanks for the tip on my blog. we'll be checking out that author!