Saturday, October 18, 2008

McIver's 5th Birthday Party

We made the obligatory trip to Party City a few weeks ago to let McIver pick out his birthday paraphanalia. He went straight for the Captain Jack Sparrow/Pirate party stuff. So, a pirate party we had. The weather could not have been more beautiful and Mac the Pirate had a great time! He acted like each guest arrival was the king or queen which I'm sure made the children feel special. He invited his entire class from school - even his teachers. Mrs. Jean was able to make it which was a very special treat - I don't remember any teachers ever coming to my birthday parties!

Here's the pirate waiting for friends to arrive.

Olivia spent the morning with Shannon & Reagan at their brother's football game. Apparently, Olivia didn't like the game too much and declared that she will not allow McIver to play because she doesn't want to be forced to sit through his games.
The Cake - believe it or not, the Pirates of the Caribbean cake was not easy to find. I think we missed the proverbial boat by about 2 years. Most kids seem to have moved on to Star Wars, I guess. Not McIver - he still LOVES his pirate gear. I'm sure Pop's Treasure Hunt this summer helped to encourage McIver's interest.
McIver with his buddies from the Monkey Class, Sam & Helen.
Olivia was 'helping' McIver open his gifts. I'm surprised he didn't just push her out of the way to thank her for her helpfulness - he barely got to touch a few of the gifts, much less actually open them.
A few friends included pictures with their gifts. I always think that it so sweet when a child will take the time to do something like that. It is obvious from these two pictures that the little girls spent a lot of time on their drawings.

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