Saturday, October 18, 2008

McIver's Birthday Dinner at Lupe's (with the Stricklins)

Imagine that - we spent another birthday at Lupe's - with the Stricklins... The last time we went to Lupe's we were with the Stricklins celebrating my birthday. Anyway, another great time was had.

Olivia & Abby started out in the sandbox.
The Moms and their girls loving Lupe's!
When we asked McIver where he wanted to go for his birthday, he picked Lupe's. And, told me that he would go to the bathroom so that I could tell them it was his birthday so they could surprise him with the birthday hat (which is how it worked when it was my birthday). The timing didn't work out quite as smoothly as we would have liked so we thought McIver would be disappointed that he knew the hat was coming. Clearly, he was willing to play along - check out the smile on his face when the waiters came out singing and bringing the sombrero.
The sombrero was so heavy he could barely hold up his head!
Olivia gave it a try.
Olivia and Abby bided their time long enough (read: hovered around the face-painting lady long enough) to get their faces painted for free. Gay & I had told them that we were NOT paying for face-painting, under any circumstances - hollering and gnashing of teeth ensued, but we held our ground. So, they were extremely proud of themselves. Of course, once they got their arms painted for free, we felt like we had to give to poor woman a tip. But then they got their faces painted!
Will finally made it after a long afternoon in surgery. I typically don't like for him to eat dinner in his scrubs, but we were just so glad that he could make it to celebrate his own son's birthday!
The boys stole the girls' thunder when they ended up with a second trip to the ice cream bin. We told them that since they had their faces and arms painted, they didn't get a 2nd ice cream. The boys sure enjoyed their bout of good luck!
A great way to end the night - McIver is listening to a message from GranGran & GranDaddy. They were singing Happy Birthday to him. He thought that was great fun!

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