Saturday, October 11, 2008

Houston Museum of Natural Science

McIver and I made afternoon plans to go to a special exhibit at the Houston Musuem of Natural Science with his friend, Sam, from school and Sam's nanny, Sue. The boys were SUPER-excited to see the dinosaurs. But, Sam's tummy started bothering him to the point that we decided to head home and reschedule our playdate for another day. Turns out he has some sort of bug, but since neither of us has felt sick, it seems that we avoided catching whatever germ Sam may have been carrying.

I did snap a few pictures of McIver before we realized just how badly Sam felt. Here's McIver in front of the fountain by the front door.

McIver in front of a huge geode - there were tons of them, and most were not behind glass. It was all I could do to keep him from touching all of them. They were all over the (newly renovated and enormous) gift shop. Those things are PRICEY so I couldn't risk him dropping and breaking one. Call me crazy, but we just don't have a spare $1K to spend on a rock, no matter how cool they are.
McIver was such a trooper about having to leave the museum. I mean, we had just gotten down to the actual dinosaur exhibit when Sam really, really started feeling bad. But, McIver was a good friend and seemed to understand what Sam must have been feeling. He even told Sam about the time he was sick at Nanoo's house during our hurrication. So, as a consolation prize, we went to Shipley Donuts for a little treat.
What a mess!

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