Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Flu

Olivia has it - Flu B . . . even though we got the flu shot (well, Olivia and I got the flu mist, but McIver chose the shot) which contains Flu B. Anyway, she came home from school on Monday a little more tired than usual and didn't immediately tell me that she was starving. We took McIver to Kuk Sool and after she finished her homework, she told me, "You know, I have to close my eyes when I turn my head or else it hurts." RED FLAG - RED FLAG! Her temperature was 102.8 when we got home so I gave her some Tylenol and put her to bed early.

The fever was still there yesterday morning and she said her chest hurt a little bit, so I called the doctor to see if there was anything else I should be doing. We took her in, they swabbed her nose and ran the flu test. She has it. After stopping at Super Target, Kroger and Randalls, we finally found a pharmacy that had Relenza in stock. It is supposed to shorten the flu virus if it's started within 24 -48 hours of onset. They also gave us a 'prophylactic prescription' for the rest of us - it's a smaller dosage and should help keep us from picking up anything from Olivia.

Olivia woke up this morning with no fever. In fact, she's busy cleaning our her drawers right now. And, she's looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.


Christa said...

I'm so glad she is feeling better...I will pray that y'all stay healthy!

Kelli Merritt said...

Glad to hear she's feeling better. Stay well!!