Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kuk Sool Testing

McIver tested for his next belt in KukSool last Saturday. He was so excited - this is his third belt and he just loves the class.

Showing off his 'horse stance.'
"Right Palm Strike'

All of the Little Dragons go up to the front of the room (where about 100 people are there either testing for their own belts or watching friends/family), to receive their new belts. It's quite the production. This belt ceremony was really special because there were about 7 people earning their black belts. Each group did a little demo for the entire crowd. McIver especially liked the acrobatics - and thought it was pretty cool to get to watch his own instructors demonstrate sparring.

This is one of his instructors - she has been there both times that he has tested. She has so much energy and is great at keeping the students focused even when the rest of the room is full of other people doing some really cool stuff.

This is one of McIver's weekly instructors. He's there every Monday when we go to class. He's the one who did all the sparring and jumping, etc. during the demos.

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