Friday, February 27, 2009

Trail Riders

The Los Vaqueros Trail Riders stopped by McIver's school again this year. Trail Riders come from all over Texas to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo every year. They spend the night together in Memorial Park and then ride through town to the rodeo at Reliant Arena/Stadium. I think one of the Trail Riders attends Westbury so his group comes through our neighborhood and visit several schools along the way.

This year, they must have been ahead of schedule because they stopped for a pretty long visit. They sent a truck with huge speakers ahead of them and a cowgirl sang Rocky Top and a few other songs while we waited for the horses and covered wagons to come in.

McIver was so excited, he had to sit down.
One of the covered chuck wagons filled with trail riders. Some kids even get to miss school to be part of the tradition - very cool!

I love my little cowboy!

McIver was excited to be able to pet a horse named Daisy. His friend Helen has a little sister named Daisy so that was just the 'funniest thing ever!'

He even was allowed to climb into a saddle for a quick picture.

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