Friday, February 6, 2009

Show & Tell

The Monkey Class studied the letter P last week and decided to turn their classroom into a Pet Shop. Kids brought all kinds of stuffed animals to the class along with other things that you might find in a pet shop - cash register, leashes, carriers, food, etc. They even decided how much each pet would cost - goldfish came in with the highest price tag - $100.

McIver decided that Murphy should make an appearance, so, after an expensive trip to the vet to be sure he's up to date on his shots, Murphy trotted right into the classroom like he has been there every day. He was a complete gentleman and let the children love on him. There was one little girl who was not particularly interested in Murphy (she fell when McIver had him on the leash b/c she was trying to get away), but Mrs. Hunter convinced her to touch Murphy's ear. He was so sweet and she ended up coming back for more Murphy-dog love.

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