Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dinner with the Stricklins

We called the kids' latest favorite babysitter, Laura (she brings origami paper and beads to help the kids make all sorts of fun crafts when she comes) and went out on the town Saturday night with the Stricklins. Time is running short, so we have a few special get-togethers planned before moving day.

We met Gay & Don at The Flying Saucer in downtown Houston and then walked to Sambuca, a very cool, hip restaurant. The dinner was great - the music was great (not too loud, but great songs!) and the company couldn't be beat!

After dinner, we went to Hotel Icon for a drink and dessert. Will had a fancy dessert that involved a 4-step process to put each bite together. If you ask me, it wasn't worth the effort. But, we were able to prolong our evening that much longer and had a great night out!

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