Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going Away Party

Several friends from church planned a fantastic going-away party for us on Thursday night. It was a very casual Texas-style (Tex-Mex and margaritas) send-off and everyone had a great time. And there weren't too many tears!

The hostesses are all friends from church: Stacey, Margaret, Gay, Wendy & me
(Courtney and Leslie are missing from the picture.)

Don & Will

"Mom" friends - I'm so lucky that Olivia's friends have great moms!

Mindy's son Bryce was in Olivia's preK and first grade class and McIver adores him.
Emily's daughter Adrienne was in Olivia's kindergarten and 1st grade classes.
Blakely's kids are the twins, Shannon & Reagan - it's going to be tough to leave such dear friends!

Lana's daughter, Mae, went to preschool with Olivia and we've managed to keep in touch despite the fact that they go to different schools now. Lana and I hit it off right from the start so we've been buddies for all 4 years.

And then there's Gay ... 'nuff said.

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