Monday, June 1, 2009

Downtown Aquarium

Will is officially on vacation! It was supposed to start at 5pm on Friday night, but he ended up having an emergency surgery and didn't get home until 2am (to find a little girl sleeping in his bed!). Anyway, he's on vacation now and we took full advantage of it today by going to the Downtown Aquarium (I'm not sure that there's another one but that's what it's called). Olivia had been last month on a 1st grade field trip and insisted that we take McIver before we move because she just knew he would love it. And love it he did!

Posing with "Sharkey" Olivia under the stingray exhibit - she tried to convince me to get under there, but there's no way a grown person can fit.

McIver touching a starfish - it felt like rocks, I was expecting it to be squishy.

McIver figured out how to take a self-portrait (which later costs $8.95 in the gift shop) with the giant white tiger so he's hamming it up for the camera. Glad I was able to take the same picture for free!

Nero, the white tiger, was beautiful. The signs say that they have zoologists and there lots of talk about conservation so I tried not to feel sorry for the tiger. His habitat is supposed to be like the ruins of an ancient Maharajan temple, which seems plush, but it sure doesn't seem natural.

The train ride around the park was cool - we stopped in a shark tank so we could watch several different types of sharks swim all around us.

We actually did the train ride twice so that's how I ended up in a picture with Olivia, too.

Kids on the Aquatic Carousel.

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