Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post Party Bowling

After the 1st Grade Party ended, several friends decided to meet at the bowling alley for some post-party fun. The kids all had a great time just hanging out and bowling - they even know the rules now so there didn't have to be a whole lot of parental involvement.

Olivia watching her ball closely.

McIver got WAY into the bowling today. He tried to borrow some man's 14 lb. ball, but the man told him he'd need to start with something smaller and work his way up. So, every time McIver got a spare (he had quite a few!) or a strike (1!), he ran over to be sure the man was watching. The man told McIver that if he practices really, really hard, he can be a professional some day. When McIver was relaying the story to me, he was so excited that he could have jumped right out of his skin!
At one point, I couldn't find McIver because he was "busy setting up his Bowling Ball Pyramid and trying out all the balls."

I had two tired children when we got home this afternoon about 5:00. We watched some television together and just decompressed for a little while without saying a word (which was nice after a day full of parties and 7 year olds!). I made the mistake, though, of daring to tell McIver he really should eat his broccoli for dinner. He stormed off, yelling about what a bad mother I am, and went to sleep on his bed. I guess it wasn't a mistake after all!

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