Saturday, May 16, 2009

Murphy Update

McIver was so well-behaved the morning we took Murphy to the hospital for surgery. I didn't know that it would take 2 hours to drop him off so I had not brought anything to help keep McIver entertained. We saw a few interesting x-rays in the waiting area, so when we made it back to the exam room, McIver decided to draw a picture of what we had seen.
This is McIver's rendition of an x-ray of a dog who has swallowed a spoon and some sort of coin. He just couldn't believe that a dog would swallow a spoon. Kudos to the vet who took the time to take a close look at the x-ray and tell McIver the story about the dog who swallowed the spoon. (His owner had offered him the last lick of her icecream and the dog just took the whole spoon!)

Murphy's doing fine. His symptoms are a bit better; he doesn't seem to have the urgency to go out in the middle of the night like he had been. I haven't been sleeping well, though, so I'm also letting him out in the middle of the night before he has a chance to become uncomfortable and bark to be let out. He'll go back in for radiation next week.

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