Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McIver & the Rabbit

You may remember from a few months ago that McIver really wants a pet rabbit. He has been saving cans to take to the recycle center to earn money to buy a rabbit, hutch and food. I even made the mistake of telling him that if he caught a rabbit, he could keep it. Lesson learned: Watch my tongue!!

Our neighbor knocked on our door 2 weeks ago to see if we knew anyone in our neighborhood with a pet rabbit because one had found its way to her yard. I assured her that it wasn't ours and asked her not to let McIver know about it unless she wanted a constant companion until the rabbit returned to his home. The owners were found and the rabbit went home... until last week when he showed up in her yard again.

This time, we went to her house to visit the rabbit - he's adorable and quite tame. He didn't mind McIver's presence at all and we watched him nibble on some apples, carrot tops and her daylilies. We watched him hop across our backyard over the weekend, on the other side of our fence. This morning, though, he was in our yard. My sleepy-headed children went from yawns and dragging feet to tip-toeing across the backyard making rabbit noises (if there's such a thing). McIver actually got pretty close.

Then he ran off back to Mrs. Martin's yard. I'm sure the owners will be back soon to take him home again (and maybe they'll even get him a hutch so he won't escape again).
The good news (for me) is that McIver never mentioned keeping this rabbit as a pet. He saw how badly Murpphy wanted to get to this little guy and seems to understand that rabbits and Murphy might not be a good mix.

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