Saturday, May 16, 2009

McIver Feeds Swimmy

I don't usually walk McIver in to school in the mornings because we go to the gym between dropping Olivia at school at 7:45 and taking McIver to school. But, this week I've had to be up and dressed before the children because of the work going on in our shower. Anyway, McIver loves when I walk him in and wanted to show me the school fish, Swimmy.

Mrs. Edge, the director of the preschool was standing by the door, and saw McIver show me to her office window to see Swimmy. Then she heard me tell McIver that it was time to head to his classroom. McIver followed my instructions the first time I said them and Mrs. Edge saw it all! To reward him for obeying on the first time, he was asked to feed Swimmy that morning. Apparently, Mrs. Edge is always on the look-out for someone who deserves the privilege to feed Swimmy.

Clearly, McIver was way proud of himself. He even spent quite a long time that afternoon drawing a picture for Mrs. Edge to tape to the side of Swimmy's aquarium.

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