Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Mothers Day was relaxing and wonderful this year. It kicked off on Friday when Olivia and McIver got home from school. They just couldn't wait to give me their gifts. Olivia made flowers out of tissue paper and decorated a small clay pot. It is proudly displayed on our breakfast table. McIver answered some questions about "Mom" for his teachers. Some of the answers were pretty funny - I am 14 years old, and my favorite food is honeycomb and salmon (from a Bearnstein Bears book). He also spelled out: I (picture of an eye) love (picture of a heart) you more than anything in the world.

On Sunday, Will was on call so he wasn't able to join us for church, but both Olivia and McIver came to the big church with me. (And they behaved!) They humored me as we walked to the car for church and let me take a picture...

After a quick lunch at home, we went to the pool. I love that I can set up a chair and flip through a magazine or visit with friends now that Olivia and McIver are such good swimmers. When we came home from the pool, we got ready for the Netherys to come over. Blakely's husband is out of town so we invited Blakely and the kids for over for dinner. She and I fed the kids while Will slaved over shrimp and grits. Then we sat down to a delicious dinner.
Another great Mothers' Day gift - McIver helped me fold 2 baskets of laundry!
I asked McIver this morning if I would need to remind him to buy flowers for his wife on Mothers Day. He said: No, I think I'll buy her a cake, or maybe even make her one.

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