Friday, May 22, 2009

McIver's Last Day of School

And so it begins...

McIver's last day of school was on Wednesday. It was sad to realize that we won't be going back to Westbury anymore. We just feel so blessed to have found such a great school in Houston - I signed the kids up for this school before we even knew where we would be living. It ended up being so perfect for both Olivia and McIver and I loved the 2 years that I taught the Rabbit Class. I had a hard time making eye contact with anyone when I walked McIver into school that morning. The tears just kept welling up, as I'm sure will continue to happen over the next six weeks.

McIver had such a great year in the Monkey Class with Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Jean. They love those kids and it is so obvious every time I saw them interact. The Monkey Class was perfect for McIver... they were active and busy all year. The teachers put together a fabulous scrapbook of the entire year. It has been so fun to sit with McIver and flip through the pages. He tells me something new about his class every time we look through it. I can't believe how much he has grown since the beginning of the year.

Mrs. Jean, McIver & Mrs. Hunter (Mrs. Hunter's daughter is going to babysit for us the night of Will's graduation and we hope to see them at the pool a lot before we move!)
McIver with Ms. G, one of the music teachers. I subbed with her a lot this Spring. She's so sweet and has so much fun playing music for the children.

McIver with Ms. K, the other music teacher. Ms. G & Ms. K manned the carline each morning and always started McIver's day off on the right foot. He loved taking something special in his bag to 'surprise' them when they opened the car door (like a toy snake or bug!).

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Awwww. It's so hard to move on, isn't it!?