Friday, May 15, 2009

McIver's new interest ... girls!

McIver told me last night that he wants a haircut. I told him we'd get one once school gets out next week, but he said he wants to get it before then 'so Madison can see it.' Madison is a little girl in his class (who was in my class last year so I know that she's terribly sweet!). McIver told me, in a very sad voice, that "Madison likes Sam better because he has short, short hair and he brushes his teeth all the time, even in the middle of the night!"

Then, this morning, he brushed his teeth for a really, really long time. I picked out some play clothes for McIver to wear to school. He told me that he needed 'handsome clothes' instead. So he showed me a plaid, short-sleeved button down in his closet. He put on a red t-shirt underneath and some khaki shorts. Apaprently, this is a similar outfit to one he saw on the Hannah Montana show when Miley's brother Jackson spent a good deal of time trying to decide what to wear on a first date.

Here's my handsome guy...

When we got to school, he walked in and actually waited for Madison to notice him! I hope this is just a very brief phase.

*Updated: I was subbing in the music class (don't laugh!) and had a break during McIver's lunchtime so I joined his class. Madison chose to sit by him during lunch today and he grinned from ear to ear!
Updated again: This is Maddie...

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