Friday, May 22, 2009

GynOnc Fellows Field Day

We spent last Sunday afternoon at Tom Bass Park in Pearland with the GynOnc fellows and attendings from MD Anderson. Two of the first year fellows organized a great afternoon with games and great food. I didn't get a picture of him, but Murphy went with us and thoroughly enjoyed himself. There were several children who just loved on him non-stop!

It took Olivia a little while to warm up to the whole idea. I was glad that we had brought her scooter. She zipped off to the playground for a little while to get the lay of the land.

McIver, of course, jumped right in and started having a ball immediately. They were climbing all over the swing and looking for snakes. This little girl (the daughter of an attending) called me over to her and asked me to lean down. She whispered into my ear: That little boy (McIver) is crazy wild!
Will got in on the egg relay action. He was also a finalist in the water balloon toss!

Olivia and Will were involved in a serious water gun fight - she finally started having fun!

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