Saturday, May 16, 2009

Olivia's Spinning Supplies Holder

Olivia came home from school with an 'invention assignment.' The invention had to have at least one moving part, be made from materials from around the house and the challenge was to invent a simple machine that would be helpful in the classroom. I immediately turned the assignment over to Will (to the point that he could not play golf one weekend until they had finished the project).

Olivia thought about the project for a few days and was ready to get to work. Will was about to throw out McIver's old training wheels, but Olivia told him they should use it for her project...

"Olivia's Spinning Suplis Holder" (her spelling, not mine)
Will helped her hold the drill, but she really did do most of the work. They screwed the wheel into a block of wood, then attached a cardboard circle to the top of the wheel. Olivia covered the cardboard with pieces of construction paper. Then they attached the cups to hold the school supplies (markers, pencils and crayons). You can tell by the look on her face how proud she was of her invention!

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