Saturday, June 13, 2009

MD Anderson Graduation

It's official, but it not over yet! Will's graduation dinner was held last night at the Houstononian. He received his diploma and an 'heirloom' chair. Even though he's officially graduated, he works until his last check-out on June 29. Then we'll all head our separate ways - Yvonne is probably joining USC (California, not SC!); Mike and his family are going to Louisville, KY and John and his family are moving to Dayton, OH.

Will with his colleagues - Yvonne, Mike, Gwen & John

Trying out their new chairs

Mike, Will, John & Yvonne with Dr. Bodurka, fellowship program director

The third year fellows took over the podium to 'roast' the graduates. They poked a little bit of fun at everyone and presented the graduates with a few parting gifts - Will was the lucky recipient of a bottle of Gentleman Jack, a scrub shirt with a buillt-in bow tie and a bib. Dr. Frumovitz put together a little slide show...

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