Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peter & the Wolf

Blakely and I took the kids to see the 'musical story' of Peter and the Wolf at Miller Outdoor Theater on Friday morning. I had already thought about going, but when we found out that her neighbor was playing the oboe, we decided we had to go. Let's just say it was a good thing we had the popcorn with us.

I actually enjoyed the first part of the play. Narrators dressed in black told the story while instruments 'played' each character. I think it was hard for the children to follow, partly because it wasn't what they were expecting an partly because they decided it was "boring." After the first run-through, the actors began talking about the instruments and asking the audience which instrument played which part. I was shocked that our kids were yelling out the correct answers (the french horn was the wolf, the oboe was the duck, the kettle drum was the grandpa, the clarinet was Peter, etc.). Then, they acted out the play again in more of an allegory form. Not sure how to explain it - but it was a hit. The actors wore costumes, used the props on the stage and were very animated.
Afterwards, we made a quick trip inside the Houston Garden Center. I had one tired, grouchy little girl on my hands who did not care to be in any pictures, but McIver was more than happy to pose for me.
This picture doesn't do the gardens justice at all, but this is where McIver was chasing butterflies so this is where he wanted his picture taken.
In the pagoda.

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