Monday, June 15, 2009

Merritt/Stricklin KidSwap

There's no denying that our move is fast-approaching. In the interest of spending as much time together as possible, Gay & I kid-swapped today. She took Olivia and Abby to her house (and their neighbor's pool) while I let the boys entertain themselves at our house. There was not a single scream or shriek at either house and there were no hurt feelings or bodies.

The boys spent most of their time playing Bakugans at our house. They started out in the living room with all of the Bakugans and game cards spread out everywhere. They even got out the mini-trampoline to use as their Bakugan Table (I didn't know such a thing existed). After a good little while, they packed everything up and moved out to the garage to do the same thing all over again.

We invited the neighbors over to join in the Bakugan fun. Patrick (the older brother) is really into the whole thing so he was a bit frustrated when Sam & McIver didn't really care to play the way he plays (which is actually the correct way).

Once the neighbors packed up, we went to Chuck E Cheese to play some games. We ran into Mrs. Hunter, McIver's Monkey Class teacher, and her children. Her daughter babysat for us last Friday for Will's graduation so McIver thought it was especially great to see her.

And, we even ran into one of our very favorite Houston babysitters, Miss Toya. She used to work in the nursery at Palmer and babysat on countless occasions. She kept the kids over the weekend that we went to Austin with the Stricklins the first time. She was also the one who dropped everything to take care of McIver the day that Will had his emergency appendectomy. She moved to the Big Apple about 18 months ago and has finished her first year of law school at Columbia. She's home for the summer working for CPS and was at Chuck E Cheese monitoring a visit. We were so glad (and shocked!) to see her. I'm so glad I had my camera!

Once I realized how late it was getting, the boys cashed in their tickets at Chuck E Cheese so we could make one last stop at the pet store. McIver was so excited to show Sam all of the cats, fish, birds and rodents. Sam was particularly impressed with the hamsters and mice. McIver's not actually choking Sam - they were both giggling like crazy at this point!
Both sets of children had a great day. We're looking forward to spending Saturday night with the Stricklins, but I hope that we can somehow manage to keep the squeals and shrieks to a minimum. Either we'll send the kids outside, or we'll move the grown-up party outside!
**Updated to add this picture of the girls enjoying a picnic lunch during their day-o-fun.

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