Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monster Truck Jam

McIver's got a friend who turned 6 earlier this month.  He invited his class to join him for the Monster Truck Jam last Saturday at the Colonial Life Arena.  Olivia and I decided to join them (mostly because I just wasn't sure how McIver would handle all of the noise and didn't want some unsuspecting mom of another child to have to deal with him when her own child might be equally as scared).  Turns out that McIver wasn't the least bit phased by the noise and he had a great time.

We started out tailgating in the parking lot with pizza, hot chocolate and cake.  Check out this cake that the birthday boy's mom made!  They also brought snap crackers so the kids had a blast throwing them on the sidewalk and stomping on them to make the noise.  It was good practice for our ears.

If there is a tree to be climbed, McIver will find and climb it.

We went to the Pit Party at noon and had a chance to get up close with the Monster Trucks and their drivers.  We had seen Bad News Travels Fast on the morning news so we decided to stand in his line for a picture and autograph.

The kids were way impressed that the tires were taller than they are.  Hugh's dad got McIver and Hugh up on the tire for a quick picture - you can see Olivia, McIver and Big Hugh eyeing someone off to the side.  That would be the woman coming over to tell us to get down because we weren't allowed to be up there.  Oops!

This was the best action shot I could manage - everyone thought the first part of the Jam was way fun.  We didn't have issues with the noise until after the intermission, but by that point, we were pretty much over it anyway.  We had a great time and I'm so glad that we went.

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