Friday, January 22, 2010

Vail - Day 3

We stopped by Starbucks when we realized how early we were for ski school on Day 3.  Check out McIver's skullcap - he looks like a ninja.  We bought it in anticipation of our snowmobiling trip on Tuesday.

(Olivia snapped this picture - I'm loving my new camera!)

My instructor was the most patient!  He gave me several tips to work on to improve my skiing and my confidence.  Last year I skiied plenty of black slopes with Dawn, but I didn't enjoy myself very much.  Will, Dawn, David and Dawn's dad, Wade, all gave me plenty of tips last year, but from my perspective, it felt like a means to and end - getting me down the slope in a more timely manner.  I was in a group lesson with just one other person so we basically had a private lesson on the first day of skiing.  On the 2nd day of lessons, we had a bigger group, but we were all pretty well-matched ability-wise so it made for another fun day.  The instructor took this picture of me as we neared the end of our lesson.

Olivia was MUCH happier at the end of her lesson on Day 3.

Another happy picture of the boys.  We missed the bus to head home after skiing so we waited for David to come back with the car.  The boys climbed up on the wall to wait and managed to have a few happy moments together.

By the time David returned, we were into a pitcher of margaritas at La Cantina, a dive of a mexican restaurant in the transportation center.  When Dawn placed an order for chips and queso, she was met with a questionable look by the waitress.  Turns out, they don't really have 'queso,' so much as cheese melted on chips.  The kids loved it and we all had a great time together.

McIver 'won' some money in the pay phone - he found 75 cents and has managed not to spend it yet.

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