Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vail - Day 5

We had to make the most of our last day on the slopes.  Will took off with Dawn and David to ski some of the tougher slopes while Olivia and I spent the morning skiing together.  Unfortunately for Will, Dawn and David, the snow hadn't cooperated so their skiing wasn't all that spectacular.  They had a hard time finding slopes with enough snow to make it fun.  Olivia and I, however, had a blast skiing together.  She took me through all of the trails that her instructor had taken her class on earlier in the week.  (And keeping herself entertained by my skiing abilities, or lack thereof.)

Saying goodbye to Dad before we hit the slopes on our own.  I was very proud of myself for managing to find our way around the mountain on my own.

Check her out - hot dogging on her way out of the Magic Forest.

I love my little snow bunny!  We had so much fun skiing and giggling together all day.

At the entrance to Porcupine Alley - if you look closely you can see the tee pee behind Olivia.  She skied straight through it, but I felt like it was just a little too narrow for my very large 'pizza' to fit through.  Olivia got a BIG kick out of me chickening out and going around!

After Olivia and I had lunch at the top of the mountain, we hit the shops for a few souvenirs.  We found a t-shirt for McIver and a little baby t-shirt for Mrs. Tart's baby.  She had wanted to find a snowglobe to 'start a collection' but we spotted a little Vail Mountain box (sort of like a Limoges box) with a little ski lift pass inside.  Since she already had a small collection of those boxes, she decided to add to that instead.  We also bought each of them a Vail keychain for their backpacks.

We also stopped for a picture in the chairs made out of skis.

We got McIver out of ski school a little early on the last day so we could all ski together.  He really did a great job.  He's much better at making turns this year, but still needs to work on stopping.  This picture was about 2 minutes before he face-planted into a snowbank on the side of the catwalk.  I was proud that, even though he cried just about every time he fell, he took off again as soon as he was upright.

At the end of our ski day, we met back up at the top of the mountain for a snack and then TUBING!!

Olivia was all smiles at the top of the chute.

McIver didn't weigh enough to get all the way to the bottom of the chute, but when he 'trained' with either Will or me, he got a little further.  

Dawn is always all smiles!

 Tubing is so much fun!  I think it's something that we'll probably do every year.  Although, we did see an ad for dog sledding which we thought would be fun to try out, too.

Andrew looked so tiny in his tube, but his smiles were just as big as everyone else's!

Since it was our last night, Peg & Wade were kind enough to babysit again so that Dawn, David, Will and I could go out on last time. We had dinner in the bar of La Bottega.  It didn't really occur to us to make reservations, but we jumped at the chance to have a table in the bar.  That place was hopping!  Dinner was delicious and we had a great time just relaxing (and not refereeing!).  After dinner, we wandered down to a little bar where we made friends with the bartender and just ended up laughing and giggling for the rest of the evening.

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